Teeth Whitening Technologies

"Teeth whitening" as a procedure that helps in removing the debris and the dirt on the surface of the teeth, Discolored teeth can add years to the appearance of your smile, leaving it looking dull. Our Butterfly Dental Care team of Doctors and Dr.Mageshwari(Director - Butterfly Dental Care ) provide good treatment,with renew your smile and your confidence. This affordable treatment provides high-quality, long-lasting results that will keep your teeth bright-white and beautiful for many smiles to come.

We are Using World's No 1 Whitening system for patients, Since the percentage of result is higher in laser whitening procedures, the results are faster, can begin to be seen in an hour.

Wedding Whitening

You are getting married soon and you want a whiter, brighter smile for the big day. Tooth whitening can restore stained or yellow teeth which have discoloured with time, or give that extra sparkle for your photos. Using the latest whitening techniques we can help you achieve a brilliant, whiter smile. Try to plan to whiten your teeth at least 3 weeks before your wedding. Have you considered Tooth Whitening as a Wedding Gift?

To celebrate our Promotional Offers, we are running some special offers on our smile makeovers. At the end of the day, we want you to have a smile that is worthy of any special event. With our amazing smile makeovers, you don’t need to be a film star or a platinum selling artist to have a stunning smile! 10% Welcome Discount for new patients. Enjoy 10% off your first course of treatment!.

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